Top WordPress Plugins for Speeding Up Your Website

wordpress plugins for page speed

As a content management system for websites ranging from blogs to businesses, WordPress is hard to beat. It’s fast to install, easy to use, very secure and under constant development. One thing WordPress isn’t, though, is fast — at least not on some shared hosting platforms. Companies that sell shared hosting often put as many customers as possible on the same servers to maximize their profits. For customers, though, overselling of shared hosting services often leads to websites that are slow to respond to database queries or exhibit poor performance during periods of heavy traffic. Does your website give users a poor experience because of slow speeds? No problem. The active WordPress development community has created a large selection of WordPress plugins that can resolve your website’s speed issues. These are our favorites. Continue reading…

Membership Plugins for Running Your Online Coaching Business


how to deliver online coaching

Offering members-only content to personal training clients can increase your revenue by encouraging people to sign up for exclusive packages. By allowing clients to access special informative content, custom programs or personalized meal plans from any device on their own time, you expand your reach and reduce the amount time spent sending information directly to individual customers. Continue reading…

How to put testimonials on your website

testimonial plugins

Got Testimonials? These 5 WordPress Plugins Can Boost Your Creditably

Displaying client testimonials on your personal training site provides social proof to back up your credentials. Potential clients see testimonials as personal recommendations for your services. Reading the positive experiences of others can be what prompts them to choose you over another trainer in the area. These WordPress plugins allow you to seamlessly integrate a prominent testimonial display into your website. Continue reading…

Best Appointment Booking Plugins for Personal Trainers

appointment plugins for personal trainers

The success of your personal training business hinges on having a steady stream of clients. In today’s highly connected mobile world, you need an online booking calendar optimized to reach clients where and when they’re looking for the services you offer. These premium WordPress plugins combine the user-friendly front end design clients want with powerful back end tools for you to manage all of your bookings. Continue reading…